Marty Baptist’s paintings are a mix of astute observations and out loud thoughts. His work has a dark sense of humour that he matches off against the everyday. Seen throughout Paramount House Hotel on tapestries, canvas, walls, and even timber blocks in a vending machine, his work ranges from oblique pop culture references to loose figurative observations. We chat to our long-time collaborator ahead of his new exhibition with photographer, Jessie Prince.

Where do you call home?

East coast of Australia


How did you connect with PHH?

Before Paramount House Hotel was finished, I had a pop-up art show in the foyer area. The owner, Russ, contacted me to buy a couple of artworks and I guess it all started from there.

Marty Baptist in a Mack Daddy room

What makes a great artist?

Depends what sort of artist you mean, but in the field I’m in I would say someone that doesn’t compromise, someone that is a truth seeker,  someone that inspires, someone that probably didn’t start out with money as a priority. Someone that understands the journey is the destination.


Who would play you in your biopic?

I’m not sure that’s possible I wouldn’t wish that burden on anyone (laughs)


Do you believe in fate?

I do, obviously how we have exercised our free will in the past becomes our fate. But Somehow it feels that things may happen for a reason and we no control over that.


Marty Baptist mural at PHH

What is your new show about?

It’s a spontaneous expression of painting, sculpture and photography. Jessie Prince captures live action as I paint directly onto the melting ice sculptures. The result is a limited edition photographic series, where paint and photography play equal roles.

If you are headed North, check out Marty Baptist and Jessie Prince’s collab in Byron.

HERE NOW- Opening night 10th June 2022 5pm-8pm

Japan National, Unit 7/ 12 Tasman Way, Byron Bay, NSW


Purchase a Marty Baptist x PHH Snake Tapestry


Or visit the Lobby Boy Vending machine to purchase a Marty Baptist original artwork.