Art Hotel

Lobby Boy Vending Machine

Making its debut in the lobby this year, the Paramount House Hotel Vending machine – affectionately nicknamed ‘Lobby Boy’ – is now a permanent fixture. But don’t come looking for a packet of chips.

Lobby Boy is the latest way of ensuring that the guests of Paramount House Hotel have everything they need to feel right at home. Wrapped in an original artwork by the hotel’s long time collaborator, Sonny Day, it displays a carefully curated array of thoughtfully selected items.

Just like the rooms themselves, nothing is here by accident. The people behind Paramount House Hotel have each contributed items they themselves would want to find in a hotel. Whether that’s because it’s a very particular travel item that they have found useful on one of their trips, or because it’s a completely impractical item (like vinyl EPs), because they love them, and also, why not?

While Lobby Boy articulates the hotel’s unique style, he also provides answers for some of the most common guest requests – face masks, mints, socks?

Some of the worthwhile mentions include: a series of original hand-painted timber artworks by Marty Baptist and a bespoke kit for lovers (designed to help take your night from good to great). There’s a dry shampoo to help you on your journeys, revitalising eye drops, as well as packs of Supreme socks and boxers – with new and unique items being added regularly.

Marty Baptist 'Feign Indignation' timer artwork

Lover’s Kit

When looking around for something for guests to enjoy, there was nothing that aroused our interest. So the PHH Lovers’ Kit is our own curated collection of items that are inclusive and enjoyable for every lover.

The kit includes a bespoke set of sex dice, that when rolled together result in action and a location. One dice determines what you are going to do, while the other names a specific part of our hotel rooms to give a sense of place – but we have kept them dynamic so that they can also be taken away and enjoyed in any room.

Condoms feature an original banana artwork by Sonny Day and some special items from sexual wellness company, Unbound, add a layer of intensity and playfulness – like their Jelly lube, body-safe silicone ‘Cuffies’ and stretchy smooth silicone cock-ring, nicknamed ‘Bandit’.

The Vending Machine also contains:

Aesop Marakesh Intense Parfum

Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo

Supreme x Hanes Socks: cushion crew socks in white and black

Supreme x Hanes boxers: Leopard print boxer briefs.

– Classic/ Rock/ Pop/ Soul 7” Records: Various by legendary iconic artists.

Dr. Jart’s Rubber Face Mask – Perfect for a long haul flight or a night in.

Sencha Naturals Mints: Artisan edition green tea mints in special yuzu ginger flavour.

Santen Neo Japanese Eyedrops: “A solid drop in your eyes”

33 1/3 Books: Each volume focuses on the making of a classic album by artists like; Kanye West, Dangermouse, Portishead, Oasis, Pharcyde, Beastie Boys and Prince

– HOUSE Camera 27-shot disposable camera

Glossier Lip Gloss and Invisible Shield Sunscreen

The Lobby Boy, like the hotel, is open 24 hours and accessible to anyone. The machine takes card payments only, and houses a unique collection found only at Paramount House Hotel.