Green Tips

Hey, how about you stop letting all your house-plants die

Sydney-based Microbiologist Jana Stewart is as lively as a Fiddle Leaf Fig. She sells hand-picked plants from her shared MiniMart store in Petersham, as well as running a range of educative services through her business ‘Microcosm’, including group workshops named Plant Parenthood. Jana can also be found regularly visiting Paramount House Hotel, tending to our in-house greenery as plant-support.

Jana’s suggestions for happy plants:

Like relationships, some of us tend to over water while others under water. But once a week is the absolute maximum you will need to water them. Err on under-watering, your plant will let you know with visual clues like wilting when it needs a little more.

Also, plants actually don’t need direct light, a bright room is plenty. If you think it needs adjusting, don’t rush any changes to its environment, they are living things, and they each adapt gradually to their surroundings.

Just like comparing yourself to a supermodel can be discouraging, remember the glossy lush plants you see in interior design magazines aren’t always guaranteed. It’s a living thing, and you might get a random leaf that grows out weird, and that’s ok.

Jana in her Minimart store in Petersham