It’s Marni’s world and we’re all just living in it


Get ready to meet a woman who is well-traveled, creative, uber-stylish, with great taste for food and fashion – and that’s just 6 year old Marni we’re talking about. Daughter of Helen Yu Kuo (of #whathelenworetoday fame), this San Francisco based mother-daughter duo are not only an Instagram account you’re going to want to follow, but they were also kind enough to share some travel tips with us. Read on and then get planning your next trip.

Hi Helen. You and Marni are known for your taste in food, fashion, and travel – what are some of the places you have traveled together that were your favourites?

MARNI: My favorites places are Japan, New York, and Lake Como.

HELEN: Paris holds a special place for our family as that’s where we have visited as a family since my babymoon (Marni was in my belly!). We also enjoyed our trip to Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, and Naoshima) last year to see the cherry blossoms. And most recently we went to Italy to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary – we had the most amazing time in Lake Como at the Villa d’Este.

Helen, having traveled with and without Marni, what do you like about going to places as a family?

I love the adventures we take as a family and making memories together. I especially enjoy seeing the world through Marni’s eyes!

Marni and Helen at Villa D'Este, Lake Como

You’ve stayed with us a couple of times when you were in Sydney, what things did you enjoy about Paramount House Hotel?

HELEN: I enjoyed the decor of the Paramount House Hotel rooms and the curated snacks available for purchase. The location in Surry Hills makes it super convenient to walk to some great eats like Poly, Sasaki and Chin Chin. I also love the Saturday local farmers market upstairs at the Paramount Rooftop!

When you’re in a new city, what things do you make sure to do?

MARNI: 1. Don’t lose things that I made on the trip and 2. Find spaghetti bolognese.

HELEN: I always plan ahead of the places we’d love to eat in a new city. Our trips tend to revolve around food first 🙂

Marni and her spaghetti bolognese
Helen and Marni in Cabo San Lucas

Helen, do you have any top tips for families that travel?

HELEN: My top 3 tips:

a) Bring a journal book. Marni likes to write and it’s a great activity during meal times at restaurants to jot down her adventures for that day 🙂

b) Bring a sketchbook and colour markers/pens for drawing (another favourite pastime activity for Marni)

c) Lots of your kids’ favourite snacks! Great to have them on hand for “emergencies” (think: a boost of sugar!) We usually have gummy bears, lollipops, strawberry Pocky sticks or Honey Nut Cheerios and for savoury we bring seaweed and goldfish crackers.

Marni and her journal.

What’s one place that everyone should visit in Sydney?

MARNI: Vivien and Linda! Those are my mommy’s friends who live in Sydney but I have never been to Sydney before, only my mom did.

HELEN: The Sydney Opera house!!!


Marni is a great young artist, do you have any favourite artists or galleries

MARNI: Yayoi Kusama!!!

HELEN: I love any galleries that showcase Picasso, Monet, Matisse, and Yayoi Kusama. I most recently discovered Ines Longevial through my husband and fell in love with her facial works and use of colour.

Keeping track of travel at SFO airport

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