Studio Mouvoir

Studio Mouvoir is a progressive Pilates studio led by friends and instructors Erin Brooks and Claire Victor. Offering a range of dynamic, energising and inclusive classes for keen beginners and Pilates pros. To celebrate their opening, we spoke with Erin and Claire about their movement philosophy, advice for beginners and must-listen Pilates playlists…

What brought you to Pilates?

E: I’ve always enjoyed all forms of movement, but I fell in love with Pilates because it goes beyond the physical. It’s creative, fun, and the powerful connection between breath and movement has such a positive impact on the mind.

C: I practiced Yoga for quite some time and injured my back. I needed to find a new way to get stronger without putting undue strain on my body. The controlled approach of Pilates helped me gradually build strength and recover. I fell in love with the practice ever since. 


Describe a Studio Mouvoir class in three words.

E: Energetic, Dynamic and Fun.

C: Challenging, Fun and creative.

Can you share a lesson you’ve learned since designing your own space?

E: Outsource where you can and take time for yourself along the way.

C: Don’t rush it! Sit with the ideas for a while before making any decisions. 


What’s one piece of advice for a Pilates newcomer?

E: Relax, have fun and try not to overthink it.
C: Breath! 


Five Favourites:



E: Missing [ Todd Terry Remix ] – Everything but the girl

C: Blood Moon – Feater



E: Loco Love Chocolate with an Orchard Street smoothie

C: Any AP Bakery treat. 


Coffee order?

E: Almond Matcha

C: Almond Latte


Stress relief?

E: Movement, Sauna, Big bowl of Pasta with a movie and a glass of wine.

C: Pilates Class, Sauna, Run 



E: Japan

C: Bordeaux!


Open Mon-Fri, Paramount Rooftop

Level 2, 80 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills

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