Space Is The Place

A live jazz recital is headed to our rooftop this March- curated by Jono Ma, composer and producer of famed Jagwar Ma, Space Is The Place will feature the improvisers and jazz musicians BELIEVE as well as Vinyl sets by Jono and multi-instrumentalist Jackson Mico Milas.

We sit down with Jono Ma to chat all things Astral Jazz.

Jono Ma

PHH— Can you explain the genre of ‘Astral Jazz’ in your own words?

JM— I am by no extent of the imagination an authority on the genre, but I like to think of it as jazz with a desire for transcendence… as the name suggests.

How did you choose BELIEVE?

I’ve known and admired Laurence Pike’s drumming for decades, so this whole thing started from wanting to see Laurence bash some drums on a rooftop in the city. I called him to discuss building a band around him with some other players to form this improvised jam band inspired by the outer orbits of the jazz universe. It turns out Laurence already had a quartet with a very similar brief. That made my life a lot easier and so Believe was chosen.

BELIEVE: Peter Farrar (Saxophone), Novak Manoklovic (Piano), Clayton Thomas (Bass) & Laurence Pike (Drums).


The Rooftop has a pretty epic view, where in the world is your favourite skyline?

The first time I ever went to Tokyo, I went up an elevator in Shibuya at night… the higher it went, the more repetitions of the Shibuya crossing I could see. Illuminated billboards and electricity as far as the eye could see in all directions. There was a football field on top of one of the buildings and a match was being played. It was like I’d stepped into Blade Runner.


Five Favourites:

*Disclaimer: all my favourite shit changes weekly.


Ananas Symphonie


Ralf and Florian by Kraftwerk


Whittakers – Dark Ghana




Arnhem Land

Space Is The Place — Saturday, 23rd March from 5 pm

Paramount Rooftop

Level 2, 80 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills

Limited capacity— Grab your ticket HERE

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