House Lights With Aedan Lee


As a multi-disciplinary artist, Aeden Lee’s practice employs painting, sculpture, and photography in order to understand the world around him, whilst paying homage to the often-overlooked elements of everyday existence.

Working predominantly with repurposed industrial supplies such as meshes, tread plates, and steel, Lee’s installations utilise time, space, and perspective, providing the viewer with a moment’s respite from the daily grind.

Over the past 10 years he has exhibited work both locally and internationally, been an assistant to numerous established artists, and worked closely with China Heights, an independent gallery space in Surry Hills, Sydney, (and our neighbourhood favourites).

We speak to Aedan about his unique installation, UNION, designed just for the House and HQ Sydney over Vivid as well as his go-to inspiration for art and travel.

Aeden Lee's SHADOW STUDIES 2022
Installation at a private residence, Nimbin, 2023

How has the art scene in Sydney changed in the last decade?

AL— The scene has definitely opened up geographically, with smaller spaces popping up in outer suburbs. I believe it is important to provide a starting point for people’s careers as well as familiarise and normalise artistic expression to the greater populace.

Where do you go to look at good art?

AL— My go-to would be China Heights. AGNSW & MCA are old faves, but I mainly enjoy discovering things in the wild.

How do you hope your art makes people feel?

AL— I hope the rhythm and form of the piece can provide a moment away from whatever the viewer has going on.

Where was your last trip? How did it change/inspire you?

AL— The last trip was a quick stint down the South Coast, It was a much-needed break after a long period of work. It provided some time to log off & let the dust settle. The reduction in general noise was inspiring in the sense that I was removed from daily duties & distractions, providing some space to think about an upcoming show I am having in July at China Heights.



Aeden Lee's THE CUBE

Aedan Lee presents a unique installation designed just for the House. ‘UNION’ illuminates rotating mesh, treadplate and steel with an RGB laser, inviting the viewer to slow down and observe an ever-changing situation. Experience it from nightfall all Vivid long between Friday, 26th May, and Saturday, 17th June 2023.

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