Five Years of PHH

This month, we’re celebrating five years as a neighbourhood hotel —  five years of loving where we are and the people who make this House feel like home.

Since opening our doors and pouring the first welcome drink we’ve had thousands of travelers from hundreds of places across the world — each of them arriving for a different reason. Some are working, some are exploring, some are celebrating and others are enjoying a well-earned break. But no matter why they come, our aim is always the same – to share the best things about this city, and help them live like a local, however long they’re here (which usually involves enjoying Poly’s fried potato downstairs).

We’re celebrating five years in The House. Five years of travel stories and recommendations, restocked minibars, and returning guests.

Thank you for being a part of our story so far, come and stay any time, we’ll have a drink waiting for you.

Team PHH x