Dad Vibes

Our neighbourhood Dads are bastions of great style, unsinkable humour and excellent espresso choice. We chat to one of our local faves, Dan, to share his wisdom on fatherhood, flaky croissants and… gymbaroo.

Coolest Dad Moment?
D— She defines my “cool”; so when Amalia said “Dada” for the first time while looking at me, that’ll always be special. But honestly, moments such as being the only dad at Gymbaroo in a room full of mums, to the deeper responsibility of laying foundations that could shape her response to life ahead, and being super fortunate to be able to spend most days with her watching her grow, it’s pretty mad and something I don’t take for granted.
Favourite neighbourhood haunt for Amalia and yourself?
D— A day out when mama is working usually consists of dropping into Artificer for coffee, followed by splitting a croissant up at A.P, walking to the AGNSW where she usually sleeps, then ending up on the bar at 10 William St in Paddo waiting for Tracey to finish work down the road.
What is something you have learned from Amalia?
D— Something I have learned from Amalia is how to be patient in exercising a rollercoaster of emotions within a short period of time. She’s reminded me to be not only present but percipient.

📸 Dan Yee