Emma Mulholland’s Holiday at Paramount

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Emma Mulholland has been rolling out her unique fashion line under the moniker Holiday, with a nod to retro beach aesthetics and international success. Her latest release included a collaboration with PHH and a pop-up souvenir store in our lobby.

Hi Emma, could you tell us a bit about when and how ‘Holiday’ began?

Holiday begin 3 years ago – I was pretty tired of the structure and the way my previous label was running so decided to put that on hold and work on something smaller and easier to manage.


Growing up, which clothing styles did you like?

I always liked picking out my own outfits and clothes and had a pretty interesting style. During high school I used to customise and make a lot of things, as living in a smaller city before online shopping I didn’t have access to the things I was into so had to improvise! I was always into clothing – even for the HSC my art major work was screen printing on tee shirts. I’ve always been pretty introverted and clothing was a good way for me to express what I liked.

Image by Chloe Hill

What do you associate with holidays personally?

I was very lucky to go on a lot of fun holidays growing up so I associate mainly with those memories as holiday’s these days are a lot shorter and often rushed. I think the brand definitely has an Australian aspect to it as well as looking to overseas Holiday destinations. 


Tell us a bit about the collab with Paramount

I’ve had the idea for a souvenir store for a while- I think the merchandise thing is really popular at the moment and I wanted to make a lot of items that aren’t necessarily in a normal fashion collection. I have collaborated with a lot of amazing artists and designers on several items for the store. We will have ceramics, kitchen-wear, key-rings, toys as well as a new range of tees featuring prints from some amazing artists. We will also be launching our collab with Paramount Hotel which is exciting! 



Come check out the Holiday x Paramount House Hotel collab range in the PHH retail space now.


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