bassike X Collection at Paramount


For bassike (pronounced basic), it’s more than an internationally recognised calling card. The brand is synonymous with high-quality, sustainably sourced wardrobe essentials – a classic white tee, structured blazer, or accessory that works (harder than you do). 

This year, bassike have partnered with three Australian artists to reimagine its wordmark and dot logo. From psilocybin trips to punk rock drum tape, their inspiration was vast and far-reaching – a creative evolution that fits the brand like a glove (or a perfectly tailored pant).  

For the duration of the initiative, the House will host a bassike lobby pop-up, offering an in-store shopping experience you won’t find anywhere else in Australia. Shop the exclusive collaboration from the 15-29th September, or while stocks last.

To celebrate our ongoing partnership with bassike, we asked their three featured artists, and friends of the House, to share a little bit of themselves – most loved restaurants, go-to orders, late-night hang-outs, and rituals for creativity. Take it away…


Bart Celestino: Creative Director, Photographer, Film Maker & Publisher

Bart Celestino

Can you tell us the inspiration behind your logo redesign?

It was the idea of tape being used on drum kits by bands to put their name out front on stage while performing. But the Aphex Twin and LFO would do the same thing on a Roland SH-101 synth or a Korg MS-20 or a tape deck. I liked that punk DIY ethos.

If we’re talking punk and drum kits, it’s only natural to wonder… What music are you listening to at the moment?

During the day I only listen to classical music, mostly Debussey, Bach, Scarlatti, Handel and Ravel. If I’m driving at night its Alva Noto and Einstürzende Neubauten. When I’m flying internationally its The Sisters of Mercy.


An appetite for the classics. Does that taste translate into Sydney dining – a favourite restaurant or go-to order?

There are too many choices to call a favourite – I have so many wonderful friends with restaurants. If I can mention a few, they would be, Fratelli Paradiso, 10 William St, Poly and Ante. At FP, its either Lasagne for lunch, or fish for dinner. At 10, it’s anything the chef Francesco recommends. Poly I never order, I leave that to the wonderful crew who run the show to decide. And for Ante? It’s tagliatelle with fermented shiitake mushroom, conchiglie, clams, rapa and pickled chilli. That, always, or tofu with lots of sake and great friends.

Quinn Carmichael: 3D Artist & Creative Director

Quinn Carmichael

We’ll start with the basics (ahem)… How do you commence a new project?

I try to pay attention to any small idea and just think about it a lot and see if it unfolds into anything. I usually try to build out the whole scene in my head and workout my workflow before I even sit down at the computer. However, some of my most favorite pieces are born from mistakes and experimenting in my medium.


Can you describe your inspiration for the logo’s redesign?

What drove my vision for this piece was my earliest creative muse. Flowers and nature have been underlying themes throughout the majority of my works. The Kangaroo Paw has always caught my eye with its form and structure. I wanted to emulate these shapes throughout the typeface as well as their unique colour palette and complex surface deformations and textures.  


Nature is our greatest artist. Where else do you go to experience moving art?

Maximising my creative input is extremely important to me. Working in the digital realm and being online so much, I am exposed to such volumes of art which can be overwhelming at times so I really appreciate spending time in galleries and experiencing physical expressions through dance and music. 

Kitty Callaghan: Artist, Editor & Photographer

Kitty Callaghan

Do you have any rituals to foster creativity?

I find a walk in nature is a great way to stimulate fresh creative energy. I was reminded of this when reading Rick Rubin’s book The Creative Act. So in that sense I guess reading is a big part of the process. For me it’s about finding imagery that sparks inspiration, too – be that in books, in a Gallery, online. Overall, I find you have to relax into a sustainable creative flow, you can’t force it. 

Speaking of inspiration, was there a founding idea for your logo design?

This collage artwork was inspired by the magic of mushrooms – to admire their form, to cook, and the scientifically proven healing powers of Psilocybin and mycelium in general. They allow trees to talk to one another, they are one of the largest living life forms on earth. And most importantly, they are proving to be very helpful in providing ways to combat climate change, as it’s proven that they are very active in absorbing carbon. When Creative Director Bart Celestino mentioned he would like me to create an artwork that celebrated mushrooms for this project for Bassike, I was thrilled. I really enjoyed creating this artwork in Paris during Autumn – meaning I could source some amazing mushrooms from the markets to work with, alongside the found imagery I collected in various bookshops that profiled the glorious mignon


Paris markets sound like a dream. Where else should we eat there?

So many places, it depends on your mood! I love Clamato for its seafood and wine list. Bistrot Paul Bert for the classic Parisian lunch. And more recently, Early June for it’s traveling chefs and Bistrot Des Tournelles for a modern take on the quintessential bistro meal.

bassike X will be sold for a limited time from Paramount House Hotel’s lobby store (15-29 Sep) and online at bassike.com

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