Love Clip Dedications ♡


We asked our team to compile their most-loved love songs and accompanying videos. Whether you’re coupled up, riding solo or kind of complicated – there’s a clip to suit every heart (beat) on this list.


We’ll buy Miley flowers too. This single-as-hell clip is a Californian montage of moving on, working out and wild dancing. Instant anthem, Liam Hemsworth need not apply.


If you’re thinking Leo & Claire as star-crossed, fish-tank-separated lovers, Romeo + Juliet, you’ll understand why we placed Kissing You up top. Thank you, Des’ree, for soundtracking the moment.


Our Country Queen, we adore Dolly’s eternal quirk, humour and heart. In this clip, she interviews for a professional love interest, perusing Elvis impersonators and cowboys before settling with the hunky stage hand. Bootscoot swoon.


A 4:24 minute longshot of D’Angelo’s chisel, waxing lyrical about love and all the things he feels, makes for a hot moving and aesthetic piece. In truth, the song is an ode to Prince, loaded with groove and gentle vocal play.


Troye Sivan’s ‘Angel Baby’ is a tour-de-force of emotion and visual brilliance, using light and shadow to add depth and raw emotion. We love the dark, dream-like world and haunting vocals, perfectly capturing the desperation of young love. 


Mariah cruises through a seaside theme park on a 90s pair of blades with all the joy, optimism and thrill of first love. A woman of countless talents, she nails every note (even whilst on a moving rollercoaster). The power of love, huh?


A timeless classic, Sinéad’s ‘Nothing Compares To You’ is simple, harrowing and real. Shot mostly in close-up, mere inches from the screen, the performer stares directly into the camera – as the Rolling Stone writes, like watching ‘heart break in real time’.


The highs and lows of lust and love, set on a backdrop of lilac sunsets, empty dinner tables and impossibly artful silhouettes. Kendrick’s LOVE is a hotel playlist mainstay – V-Day, and everyday.


This slick duet by Alex Cameron and Angel Olsen is served via an incredible clip, directed by Cameron’s wife and muse, Jemima Kirke. Kirke stars in the clip as a destitute New York City resident seeking solace in the companionship of her doppelgänger, Cameron. It’s all sex and slicked hair for these lovers.