Food Hotel

A Morning Routine (of sorts)

The head baker at A.P. Bakery has a morning routine unlike any other. As most of us enter REM sleep, Dougal refills his Reuben coffee mug. He’s baking baguettes and bagels before Barry’s Bootcampers even set their alarm. Walk a mile in Mr Muffet’s shoes, just watch out for Bondi’s slippery dips.

1:45am: Wake-up and head to work. Turn on all the ovens, start baking fenugreek and sesame loaf then make coffee.

3:15am: Start baking cookies and other sweet pastries, then shape baguettes and bagels.

4:15am: Bake country loaves, croissants, focaccia, baguettes and bagels. I love all bread we make. All the hard work and skill that bakers put into the product – it’s extremely rewarding.

6am: Load the van for delivery.

7am: Prep for tomorrow – shaping focaccia, 100% rye loaves, country and sesame loaves too.

9am: Quick sando stop at local favourite Sandoichi (pork katsu, every time).

11am: Drive to Wildflower to mill grains for our bread. Currently, we have three different types of wheat, spelt, rye, buckwheat and a corn that I grew at my parent’s property.

1pm: Meet with business partners and production chef.

2pm: Pick up daughter from daycare, and let her run wild on the slippery dips at Bondi Playground.

5pm: Dinner*

10:30pm: Wake up, and do it all over again.


*Insert four schooners at some point here.

A.P Egg and Cheese Bun delivered to the room

PHH now offers A.P. Bakery room service, delivering their most-loved breakfast and viennoiserie items from rooftop to door.

Check out Dougal’s handiwork via A.P’s Instagram

A.P. Bread now offers online ordering