On Life, Loss & Coca-Cola Classic


Friend of the House, Ellen Virgona, is usually behind the lens for clients like Gucci, Tiffany & Co., and Miu Miu, but this week debuts her personal work through a photo book and solo show at China Heights.
Four Seasons is a moving collection of photographs, chronicling 10 years since the loss of her mother; “I began to photograph everything: loved ones, good moments, bad moments and the uncomfortable.”

We love the way Ellen sees the world – thoughtful and subversive, striking in grayscale. Even her most intimate, personal imagery feels universal. We sat down with the artist to learn a little more about the mind behind the lens (and her penchant for apricot delights).


PHH- What’s your favourite image in Four Seasons?

E- That’s really hard to say, but currently, my favourite is ‘Portrait 7′.

PHH- Where do you go to feel inspired?

E- No particular spot – but I like to walk, it helps me think.


PHH- What’s one ritual you’re loving right now?

E- Having my morning coffee while in the shower.

PHH- Tell us about your most memorable travel experience?

E- Jumping on the wrong train from Rome to Geneva when I was travelling alone at 16. I realised at the last moment the train was heading to Germany and I jumped off as it was exiting the station. This has stuck in my mind – what if I hadn’t gotten off in time?


Eat? Apricot Delights

Drink? Coca-Cola classic

Read? John Waters, Carsick

Listen? Roy Ayres – Virgin Ubiquity II


CHECK OUT Ellen’s Exhibition at China Heights

12pm-5pm Thur-Sun
until 01.05.22
or by appointment.


Find Ellen Virgona’s Four Seasons in our Mack Daddy suites or