A Semi Permanent Hotel by Highsnobiety

Art, design, music and fashion come together for Semi Permanent and Highsnobiety’s first collaboration; a 48-hour takeover of Paramount. We dive deeper into the event and chat with Semi Permanent’s Murray Bell and Global Creative Director, Mitchell Oakley Smith, about their vision for the immersive experience with Community, Collaborators and Creators.

If you can’t make it to Sydney, you can enjoy a line up of dedicated digital content to coincide with the real-life event on the hotel microsite.

Innovation and creativity have been an integral part of Paramount House Hotel from its inception, so when the opportunity for an event which celebrated both started to take shape, Murray Bell, CEO of Semi Permanent, knew that it was the ideal venue.

“PHH was quite literally the inspiration as opposed to the place we just hosted it at. Whenever I’ve stayed, I’ve enjoyed and been curious about the different spaces and the diverse group of people that move and work within them”. 

SP Staff dressed by Worktones

Since being founded in 2002 and 2005 respectively, Semi Permanent and High Snobiety have supported innovation, progress, and purpose beyond product on their respective platforms.  

The very foundation of this unique event is to connect a community of global pioneers and relish the  semi-permanence of it. It exists for a few hours (48 to be exact) and will immerse visitors in interactive exhibitions, installations, talks, performances and more; celebrating art, music, design and cinema – all under one roof; as well as exclusive digital content for the global community.

So what sets this event apart from other live events?

“A Semi Permanent Hotel isn’t just an evolution of the live event format” says Mitchell Oakley Smith.
“It’s an entirely new proposition, something never been done, and so it’s hard to describe in the sense that it’s not singularly an exhibition, or a performance, or screening, or a drinks tasting, or a store, or a talks program, but a combination of the best elements of all of those things. A Semi Permanent Hotel also brings together a cross-section of talent across the entire creative spectrum that really excites us, and with tickets selling out in under ten minutes, we know there’s a thirst for what’s on offer”. 

Installation by Polestar

The Event 

Starting with the Paramount Recreation Club, journalist Noelle Faulkner will host a curated talks program featuring a lineup of Australian creatives – including poet and filmmaker Jazz Money, multi-disciplinary artist Louise Zhang, musician Genesis Owusu and artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran.  

The Paramount Rec Club

Up next, we make our way down to the rooms. Thirteen rooms will be converted into exhibits and immersive experiences.
You’ll find filmmaker Gia Coppola’s still life photography displayed in the aptly titled exhibition ‘Trinkets and Fragments’; ‘Tiddalik’ shows us that NFT’S can exist beyond the online world, it’s art in motion paying homage to the Aboriginal Dreamtime story – featuring work by artist Jonathan Zawada and musician Flume; a collaboration between Surfboard designer Haydenshapes, artist Daniel Arsham and Chris Stamp titled ‘Wave Relic’, featuring uniquely designed surfboards in a dreamy styrofoam setting.

Daniel Arsham
Gia Coppola

Sydney based illustrator, cartoonist and animator Claudia Chinyere Akole’s pink and blue dream ‘Restless Room’; and Juno Shen’s piece titled ‘Double Happiness’, a neon Chinese symbol artfully placed next to a set of mirrors, allowing viewers to (literally) experience happiness in different forms. 

Double Happiness by Juno Shen
Restless Room by Claudia Chinyere Akole

The lineup also includes ‘Room with a View’, where Collider encourages visitors to look to the future through a transformational telescope; Semi Permanent’s multi-sensory experience ‘Stacks’, which brings their book RESTLESS to life; and Highsnobiety’s collaboration with bookstore BTWNLNS, where visitors can curl up in the ‘Reading Room’ – dotted with shelves stacked with Highsnobiety print titles and a selection of magazines and books from around the world. 

Reading Room by High Snobiety and BTWNLNS
Room With a View by Collider

Luxury luggage brand RIMOWA shows off their Essential Neon collection in a pink and green hued room, and next to it, the ‘On-The-Go Room’ allows visitors to discover products as if they have emerged from hotel surfaces – a bag sits on a Terrazzo pillar, and pink luggage camouflages with our linen sheets. 

Murray Bell highly recommends spending some time in the The Jonathan Zawada and Flume room – “I know that volume of work is really important to them and it’s good to see NFT work at a bigger scale”.

Mitchell on the other hand finds it impossible to pick one.
“What makes this project unique is that every single activation is incredibly unique, where it’s Polestar’s launch into the Australian market with a series of epic experiences, or the screening of Joji’s sold out digital concert ‘The Extravaganza’, there’s truly no better space to witness it all”. 

Tiddalik by Jonathan Zawada and Flume

The immersive event starts outside the hotel where a sign proclaims ‘You have arrived’. That’s what A Semi Permanent Hotel is all about – you have arrived, you are here, step into the future and let the neon lights guide you through.

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