Stop & Soak


You know what’s better than a new phone? Turning your current phone off and leaving it on the other side of the room, for like an hour. While the world may be running as fast as it can towards high tech, there’s just no replacement for the indulgence of low tech. There is no replacement for analogy serenity. There is no app that can simulate the feeling of sinking into a hot bath.

So, naturally, we have ensured that all our Loft and Mack Daddy rooms come fitted with beautiful baths. They are small moments in the room for you to catch your breath and unwind. Lazily drape an arm out, with a negroni in your hand, and let the steam surround you, carrying away the day’s haze.

Washing the day away

But these aren’t your grandmother’s baths, these aren’t the vanilla porcelain slouch of an uninspired bathtub. What you’ll find in our rooms are beautifully handcrafted timber baths, like Japanese soaking tubs seemingly lifted from a traditional bathhouse. Each made from sustainable, FSC certified blackbutt timber by Emanuel Oppliger, in a process spanning 2-3 weeks. Having learned the craft in Switzerland, Manny has been perfecting the art for the past ten years.

Emanuel Oppliger at work on a curved timber bath

Manny was an obvious choice for PHH to collaborate with. We asked him to make 9 identical baths for Paramount House Hotel, a request that was not without its difficulties. Manny recalls “the biggest challenge was finding room in my small workshop for the nine tubs, my biggest order so far.”

When asked about his craft, he says “I believe that being able to relax is one of the most important things in today’s busy and hectic world. I hope that people can experience that in one of my bathtubs,” and we completely agree.

Blackbutt timber bath edge

At Paramount House Hotel the mood is always set to: relax. Whether you’re here for business, or just a short stop in a long road trip, if you’re visiting Sydney for the first time, or having a romantic night around the corner from your place – when you’re in the House your comfort is our priority.

River Stone Bath Brew by Addition Studio

We recommend booking a room with one of Manny’s baths, setting the lights low, grabbing something from the minibar, and enjoying it with an Addition ‘bath brew’. Try the ‘River Stone’, which is blended by hand and uses Australian Olive Clay, Zeolite Clay, Australian Tea Tree, Epsom Salt & Certified Organic Essential oils; Pink Grapefruit, Rosemary, Fennel Sweet, Juniperberry, and Carrot Seed.

The emails can wait, you’re on vacation.