Parasite at Golden Age Cinema

Film House

Families and social classes collide in Bong Joon-ho’s (SnowpiercerThe Host) thrilling new film, the Cannes-winning Parasite. Ki-taek’s (Song Kang-ho) close tribe of four live a fractured life in a subterranean apartment, scraping odd jobs together and foraging up high for wi-fi. When his son Ki-woo is recommended for a job tutoring a teenage girl in her large, immaculate home, their luck begins to change as Ki-woo begins to infiltrate the wealthy Park family’s lives in surprising and questionable ways.

— Kate Jinx, Director of Programming at Golden Age Cinema 

Parasite, coming to the Golden Age Cinema screen downstairs from Paramount House Hotel, August 1st.

Ask the front desk to book your ticket during your stay: